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The programme is supplementary to the requirements of the various guiding qualifications that determine how to conduct safe tours within the national and international legal framework (OHS). When conducting a guided experience, it is important that guides are equipped to apply the safety requirements during COVID-19 pandemic included in the official Tourism Protocols (produced by TBCSA). To achieve this standardised training is needed.
This programme addresses the misconceptions about COVID-19 as well as legal compliance and ethical behaviour concerning this new challenge the guiding fraternity is facing. Official tourism protocols on vehicles and at facilities and attractions will be covered from a guide’s perspective. Possible challenges, important relationships, difficult situations and adjustments in response to the current situation will be discussed to facilitate group management. In addition, guiding techniques, for instance in enclosed areas such as museums, will be addressed and revisited.
We have been training and conducting tours during this period and have noticed which adjustments need to be made.
Attending the programme is voluntary, however, attending it will assist you in meeting COVID-19 safety requirements and thus be ready to welcome tourists back!
You will do a test and if successful you will get a card/certificate to collect a badge that will show your clients that you are COVID-19 ready. The card/certificate will also be useful to show tour operators that you have done the programme successfully.





  Online Faciliated  
  R100 + R20 (for badge - excludes postage) R150 + *R20 (for badge)  


Online manual, multimedia presentations, tests and exam. 

A facilitator will be available in the virtual chatroom at specific times to assist, or answer questions.

Electronic manual (can be downloaded before you attend workshop, or accessed on phone).

Due to the course fees being greatly reduced, everyone will be responsible for their own refreshments and lunch.



  Course duration 8 hours.






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